These are the people who make it all run smoothly

Michael Burgraff

Michael Burgraff

Executive Director

This is the man who shakes hands and kisses babies,
Michael is the lifeblood of the Center for the Arts.

Our Mission

The Mission of A Center for the Arts in Fergus Falls is to connect artists and audiences by providing the best possible arts experiences that inspire imagination, curiosity, creativity, and learning.

Becky Sonmor

Becky Sonmor

Marketing & Event Coordinator

Becky makes sure that you know everything going on at the Center and that it runs smoothly.

Board of Directors

Chris Werkau, Acting President
Kathy Wagnild, Secretary
Wally Warhol, Treasurer

Julie Gutzemer
Tim Hunt
Al Kremeier
Kendra E. Olson
Kaele Peterson